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Chess for All Ages

July 17, 2024

Come Play Chess this Summer in Mercersburg!

All ages are invited to play chess this summer at the Fendrick Library at 20 N Main Street in Mercersburg. Starting June 3 through July, bring your chess set to play on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00 to 4:00. Neil Coleman of Mercersburg has donated several chess sets and the library will help novices of all ages learn the rules of this fascinating game. If you have a game board and pieces or chess books that are collecting dust, please donate them to the library for our friends to use. Or better yet — bring them in to play and join the fun!

Chess had its beginning in India 1400 years ago and is known as the "Royal Game." The rules we play by were finalized in 1880. It has many benefits for minds of all ages. Our game days are great for kids and adults to put aside their blue screens on cell phones and tablets and have fun in a social setting. The game of chess improves concentration, pattern recognition, problem solving, and teaches lessons in risk and reward. Play a calculated but risky move, and it may lead to a quick win or rapid loss. Chess is recognized as an activity that can help preserve memory and cognitive skills. Chess teaches all players an important lesson: Success comes from accumulating small advantages. It's one of the secrets of life!

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