Educational / STEM Resources

1-2 Years Games & Toys
ABC Blocks 1+
Fish Builders 1+
Giant Star Builders 1+
Jumbo Nuts & Bolts 1+
Mega Blocks 1+
Motor Links 1+
Slot-Together Animals 1+
Trucks and Cars 1+
Light & Color Blocks 18 mos.+
Tabletop Wooden Blocks 18 mos.+
Activity Center 2+
Count & Stack Wooden Blocks 2+
Early Math Activity Center 2+

3 Years Games & Toys
Acrobat Builders
Bridge Building Center
Blocks & Blueprints Learning Center
Community Vehicles
Coo Coo the Rocking Clown
Curious George Super Helper Game
Dry Erase Boards & Markers
Farm Animals
Farm Counters
Feed the Bunny Fine Motor Skills
Forest Animals
Fruit & Vegetable Slicing Playset
Get Ready to Write
Goldilocks & 3 Bears Storyboard
Gumball Grab
Itsy Bitsy Spider Storyboard
Lacing Animals
Let’s Go Shopping Grocery Set
Little Red Hen Storyboard
Magic Boards
Magna Tiles

3 Years- Continued
My Magnetic Daily Calendar
Ocean Animals
Pet & Vet Center
Puppet & Book Kits
Science Kit Color & Light
Sorting Fish & Bowls
Slot-A-Shape Builders
Star Builders
Sorting Trays
Teddy Bear Counters
Three Billy Goat Gruff Storyboard
& Problem Solving Kit
Three Little Pigs Storyboard
Transportation Sorting
Traffic Signs
USA Puzzle
Vehicle Building Center
Waffle Builders
What’s the Rhyme? Sorting Houses
Wild Animals
Wooden Blocks
Wooden Cube Puzzle

4-5 Years Games & Toys
Cardboard Create Tool Kit 4+
Chicky Boom Game 4+
Crayola Dry Erase Books 4+
I Spy Bingo
Map My Town Learning Center 4+
Transportation Games 4+
Clifford Dog Happy B-day Game 5+
K’nex 5+

6-13 Years Games
Airzooka 6+
Backgammon 6+
Checkers 6+
Chinese Checkers 6+
Clue 6+
Cribbage 6+
Jenga 6+
Mancala 6+
Passout 6+
Pictureka 6+
Roll-Em-Up 6+
Solitare 6+
Tic Tac Toe 6+
Topple Chrome 6+
Clue 8+
Verbosity 13+

3 Dux Design Kit 4+
Animation Kit
Bee Bots 3+
Buddha Board 5+
K’nex Maker Kits 6+
Let’s Code Game 5+
Ozobots 6+

These toys and games are available to use at the Fendrick Library. Please ask the library staff if you are interested in Educational/ STEM Games or Toys!