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Baldacci, DavidThe 6:20 Man
Coulter, CatherineReckoning
Jackson, LisaThe Girl Who Survived
Michaelides, AlexThe Maidens
Sandford, JohnThe Investigator
Walsh, RosieThe Love of My Life
Ware, RuthThe It Girl
*Newly released titles may be subject to a minimal rental fee of 15¢ per day.

Adult Fiction*

Baldacci, DavidDream Town (Archer)
Grisham, JohnSparring Partners
Hilderbrand, ElinThe Hotel Nantucket
Koontz, DeanThe Big Dark Sky
Macomber, DebbieThe Best is yet to Come
Silva, DanielPortrait of an Unknown Woman
Straub, EmmaThis Time Tomorrow
Steel, DanielleSuspects
Steele, DanielleBeautiful
*Newly released titles may be subject to a minimal rental fee of 15¢ per day.

Adult Nonfiction*

Kendi, Ibram X.Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619 – 2019
Merridale, CatherineNight of Stone: Death and Memory in Twentieth Century Russia
Patterson, JamesJames Patterson: The Stories of My Life
Statham, CraigJimmy Curran
Wickenden, DorothyThe Agitators: Three Friends who Fought for Abolition and Women’s Rights
Wilson, AugustThe Piano Lesson
*Newly released titles may be subject to a minimal rental fee of 15¢ per day.

Young Adult & Teen Fiction

Armstrong, JadeScout is Not a Band Kid
Case, JonathanLittle Monarchs
Riccio, ChristineAgain, But Better
Riordan, RickDaughter of the Deep

Children & Juvenile Fiction and NonFiction

Andreae, GilesCommotion in the Ocean
Buckley, JamesAlexander Hamilton
Calkhoven, LaurieMartin Luther King Jr.
Esbaum, JillJack Knight’s Brave Flight: How One Gutsy Pilot Saved the US Air Mail Service
Frost, HelenWait — See
Goodale, E.B.Also
Guendelsberger, ErinInky the Octopus
Hatam, HollyMermaid’s are Real!
Jordan, KellyChase the Moon, Tiny Turtle : A Hatchlings Daring Race to the Sea
Keating, JessShark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Oceans Most Fearless Scientist
Keller, TaeWhen You Trap A Tiger
Kelly, Erin EntradaLalani of the Distant Sea
Krensky, StpehenNelson Mandela
Mara, WilAlbert Einstein
Markle, SandraI Wish I Was and Orca
McCarthy, MeghanAstronaut Handbook
Romiro, LibbyHelen Keller
Smith, EmmaThe Gardener of Alcatraz
SooshDad by my Side